Manufacturing and Production KPIs

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Manufacturing and Assembly (Quantitative)
The manufacturing and assembly office is in charge of the construction of finished products.
Manufacturing Technician/Operator, Assembler, Quality Assurance Inspector, Production Associate/Team Member
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) – A calculation of the availability of the production facility (uptime), efficiency, and wuality in one metric/KPI that evaluates the total efficiency of the whole production process
  • First Pass Yield (FPY) – A measurement of the variance in items produced (output) by a production process versus the items that went into production (input) – i.e., input vs output
  • Percentage of Units Reworked – The percentage of items manufactured that are modified for upgrade or for correcting mistakes made during the manufacturing process versus the total number of items generated by the production team during a specified time period
  • Scrap Rate Due to Errors – The percentage of items manufactured that must be disposed due to product flaws or errors versus the total number of items generated by the production team during a specified time period
  • Utilization Rate (Filling Line) – The percentage of the variance between actual and maximum tield being generated on an assembly line or production floor versus the maximum yield
  • Labor Cost per Unit Produced (Unit Cost) – The total amount of labor cost needed during a time period divided by the number of good produced during that period
  • Percentage of Prefabricated Parts – The percentnage of parts or components used in the manufacturing of a finished item that are preproduced at a different location versus the total number of parts or components utilized
  • Manufacturing Process Cycle Time – The typical number of days from the time the client’s order is received at the right manufacturing center until the merchandise is available for packaging for standard and custom-build merchandise
  • Degree of Customization – The percentage of goods that are custom-built to particular customer requirement and need important modifications in the production process
  • Dedicated Sub-Component Assembly Location – A yes/no metric showing whether the organization of particular sub-components happens at dedicated manufacturing plants
  • Loss of Production Units – Percentage of the projected decline in production due to unexpected production interruptions during the preceding year versus the total planned production
  • Production Attainment – Percentage of the production goals accomplished during a specified time period versus the total number of goals for that term
  • Customer Lead Time – The average amount of time (in days) from the moment a client places a product order to delivery of the merchandise to the client
  • Manufacturing Facility Productivity – Typical number of mechandise units produced every hour within the facility being benchmarked
  • Non-Operating Time (NOT) Codes – The number of unique NOT codes utilized by the firm to describe reasons for manufacturing suspension


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