German Consumer Dishwashing Study


Consumer dishwashing habits in Germany

Consumer needs continue to change, which is why we continue to conduct research on their habits worldwide. We have surveyed 500 people in Germany to look at their dishwashing habits.

We’ve put our key findings in an infographic that takes you step-by-step through the research. An overview the study can be seen below, or you can view and download the full infographic in PDF format.

Who is the German consumer?

In order to gain relevant insight, we spoke to a large cross-section of dishwasher owners in Germany to see what’s important to them

How do they clean their dishes?

We asked consumers if they pre-rinsed dishes, and why. We also discovered the varied challenges they encountered when washing the dishes.

What products do they use?

Consumers were polled on their awareness of six different product formats, as well as their usage history and the likelihood of a repeat purchase.

So, what do these consumers want?

From this study we have detailed three key insights that, we feel, will greatly aid the development of future dishwashing products for the German market.

View the full infographic to see what we’ve found.


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