8 Reasons Why SmartKlean is Not Sold on Amazon or eBay

You may have noticed warnings on our website that we do not sell on Amazon.com. Many question why we do not take advantage of the huge exposure and sales this online store can provide for our brand. Here are 8 reasons why:
1. To Protect and Support our Distributors.
SmartKlean is distributed through real people, not computers. See, our business model works a bit differently than most companies. SmartKlean provides stock to distributors with assigned and protected areas (states, countries, provinces). In other words, our products can be found through independent distributors or specialty shops in most states and provinces in the US and Canada, and now even in Australia, Latin America and Europe as we continue to grow in these areas. Even when shopping through our website, you will be prompted to choose your areawhich will link you to your closest distributor’s SmartKlean website. By selling on Amazon or eBay, we would be discouraging the work of our distributors in their local communities.
2.  To Support Your Local Economy
Compared to chain and online stores, locally owned business recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, enriching the whole community. By not purchasing through Amazon or eBay, you are greatly supporting locally owned businesses and your local economy.

3.  To Protect Mother Earth

Most of our customers purchase SmartKlean products directly from their local sources, whether it is directly from their local distributor (online or in person), or from stores that stock our products in their area. This prevents our products from traveling hundreds to thousands of miles when purchased through Amazon or eBay and helps in reducing gas and automobile use, extra packaging waste, habitat loss, and air and water pollution.

4. To Create More Jobs and Local Businesses

SmartKlean Distributors in Washington
SmartKlean provides more work locally for distributors and retail stores by selling through our distributors than by selling the product directly to the customer through a website. This in turn provides better wages, incomes and benefits for hundreds of distributors rather than just two companies (SmartKlean and Amazon / Ebay).

5. To Reduce Your Chances of Buying Knock-off Laundry Balls

Imitiation Laundry Ball / SmartKlean Knock Off
As it is the case for most products of high quality sold under well-known brands, SmartKlean’s laundry balls have been counterfeited numerous times on Amazon and Ebay.com and with very low-quality knock offs. For this reason we are constantly monitoring and reporting these imitation products to avoid any harm in our relationship with our customers. If we were to allow the sales of our products onAmazon.com, we would have little to no control of this issue.

6. To Protect Your Privacy

Amazon Does Not Respect Your Privacy
Did you know that Amazon.com was embroiled in a class-action suit (Del Vecchio v.Amazon.com) for allegedly bypassing customer’s privacy settings? According to these allegations, Amazon.com shares its customers’ personal information with third parties without their consent and against their wishes—violating not only the law but its own privacy policy.

7. To Support Entrepreneurship

SmartKlean Distributor Washington State
Entrepreneurship fuels America’s economic innovation and prosperity, and serves as a key means for families to move out of low-wage jobs and into the middle class.Hundreds of distributors have joined SmartKlean as ecopreneurs, successfully running a green local business in their community.

8: To Provide the Best Customer Service

SmartKlean Customer Care
We all know that people receive much better customer care and service in local stores, or with direct sales. Major online retail stores like Amazon and eBay do not provide any type of customer service directly related with the product. SmartKlean’s customer-service agents are the same family members that created the products, not just a representative reading information off a computer screen who has never actually seen or used our products.
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