Number one selling supermarket item revealed … (it’s not what you think)

THE number one selling supermarket item has been revealed. And no, it’s not milk or avocados.

THE number-one-selling supermarket item has been revealed.

And no, it’s not milk or avocados.
Considering the exposure avocado on toast has received (and its popularity on cafe menus around the nation), it wouldn’t be a shock if you thought the fruit would top the bestseller list in one of our leading supermarkets.

Avocados ... a favourite on many a cafe menu.

Avocados … a favourite on many a cafe menu.Source:Supplied

However, you’d be wrong — it’s not avocado that is the best-selling item, says Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci; it is, in fact, berries.
At the Global Food Forum being held in Melbourne, the boss of the supermarket giant explained that as a part of the wellness wave sweeping Australia in particular, there has been a shift in the top three food items being sold.

Berries are the top-seller.

Berries are the top-seller.Source:Supplied

“The biggest sales category is berries by far, with the group selling 25 per cent more in sales than second place. Which is bananas, by the way,” says Mr Banducci. Trailing not far behind bananas in the top three is that breakfast favourite, the avocado.
And the reason why fruit fills the top three purchase choices for Aussie consumers? It comes down to the average shopper prioritising health, says Mr Banducci. “These are all super foods with natural health properties. People right now are wanting to live healthier lives,” he explains.

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