Novel acrylic-fluorine networks for pressure sensitive adhesives

The objective of a study was to design novel acrylic-fluorine networks as the replacement of fluorinated polyacylate for pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) applications.
Firstly, two effective strategies have been developed to achieve functional poly(VDF-co-HFP) copolymers based on commercial fluoropolymers. The first approach extensively involved the facile chemical degradation of commercial poly(VDF-co-HFP) copolymers to obtain telechelic cooligomers. The second route dealt with the preparation of functional fluoropolymers grafted by multiplex acrylate.

Application in fluorinated PSAs

Then these two functional and original products were applied as precursors of acrylic-fluorine hybrid networks in situ polymerisation with acrylic monomers. In contrast to original fluoropolymers, functional poly(VDF-co-HFP) copolymers exhibited better compatibility withacrylic chain, especially after crosslinking by aluminium acetylacetonate. Peel strength and shear holding power measurements indicated that acrylic-fluorine hybrid networks can find their potential applications in low surface energy fluorinated PSAs.
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