What to do when machines do everything- How to Get Ahead in a World of AI, Algorithms, Bots, and Big Data

“What to do when machines do everything” by Malcom Frank, Paul Roehrig and
Ben Pring, provides great insights on how to automate and improve business
processes, use Artificial Intelligence to enhance human performance and how
to craft hybrid business models that combine the best of the physical and digital
The book addresses some key questions:
 Will a robot take our job away?
 Will our company be “Ubered”?
 What will our industry look like in 10 years?
 Will our children be better off than we are?
Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly occupying a central place in the global
economy. Till recently, we saw weak forms of AI such as Amazon making a book
recommendation when we visited the website. Now AI is transitioning from
being our daily helper into something that is more powerful and disruptive. AI
is rapidly developing the capabilities to be better than the most intelligent
human beings at a variety of tasks. To take an example, one authoritative study
has reported that there are only 3.2 crashes per million miles for an automated
car, compared to 4.2 for human driven vehicles.
If the first industrial revolution was powered by the invention of the loom, the
second by the steam engine and the third by Henry Ford’s assembly line, the
fourth is being driven by AI. Machines will keep learning and become more and
more intelligent. In the coming years, our ability to use these new machines will
be the single biggest determinant of our future success.
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