Leading Digital- Turning technology into business transformation

How are Digital technologies transforming businesses? What are the key
differences between the leaders and the laggards when it comes to the deployment
of digital technologies? What does it take to achieve digital mastery? How can we
help our clients to become true digital Masters?
The answers to these questions can be found in an insightful book, “Leading DigitalTurning technology into business transformation” by George Westerman, Andrew
McAfee of MIT and Didier Bonnet of Capgemini. The book draws heavily from some
in-depth research done over a long period of time and covering hundreds of
companies across the world. Details of this research and most of the case studies
featured in the book can be obtained from the Capgemini website.
A video interview with the authors, containing some of the key concepts covered
in the book can be accessed here:
Understanding digital mastery
Digital Masters seem to share some key attributes.
 Digital Masters use digital technologies much better than their peers.
 Digital Masters reap the benefits of digital technologies both in customer
interactions and internal operations.
 Digital Masters are substantially more profitable compared to their peers.
 Digital Masters generate more revenues from their assets.
The key insight from the book is that Digital Masters surpass their peers on two
critical dimensions:
o Digital capabilities- The what of technology. Digital Masters know how
to use technology to get closer to customers, empower their
employees and transform internal processes.
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