First ‘Made in Morocco’ Wind Turbine Leaves Tanger Med Port

Rabat – The first ever “Made in Morocco” wind turbine left the kingdom this Monday from Tangier’s Siemens Gamesa factory to the Tanger Med port, before being exported to its final destination.
Following the inauguration of its wind turbine blade unit last October in Tangier, Siemens Gamesa announced the shipping of its first “Made in Morocco” wind turbine, which is 63 meters long and weighs 17 tons.
This major operation is the first in Morocco to successfully locate and transport some of the largest and most advanced manufactured aeolian parts in the world, especially since it required the handling of very heavy components and considerable logistics.
The challenge of routing the blade has thus required partnerships with Tangier Mediterranean Special Agency (TMSA), the local authorities, and the National Motorway Company of Morocco (ADM), with which Siemens Gamesa recently signed an agreement for the use of its motorway infrastructure between the Tangier Automotive City and Tangier Med port.
Anouar Benazzouz, the director general of ADM, said in a statement that his company is “adapting to the new needs specific to each economic pole.”
ADM has already guaranteed the feasibility of transporting colossal industrial equipment and allowed the shipping of blade molds for local production, which necessitated additional arrangements for exceptional passages at the entrance of the Tangier highway East and at the exit of Tangier Med.
“To strengthen the competitiveness of our territories, ADM is not content to invest in infrastructures and their maintenance. We also make the necessary adjustments to strengthen the economic development of Morocco by relying on its highway infrastructure,” Benazzouz added.
For his part, Ralph Sperrazza, the director of the Tangier plant, said that while the Tangier factory “initially began production of 63 meters long blades, the plant is designed to manufacture much larger models, in anticipation of future technological developments.”
“The blades coming out of our Moroccan unit will be among the largest single-piece composite parts in the world,” Sperrazza added.
Due to its strategic geographical location, Tanger Med offers all the conditions required to competitively serve the wind markets of Siemens Gamesa.
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