Every type of leader, the autocratic, transformational, inspirational, situational, democratic, genuine, servant, and so on, is called a leader because of the followers, and without them, we just have a person.
A perfect example of a good leader, whose way of life is still considered exemplary till this day, is Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
His life story shows that he had the qualities of a great leader like:

  • Care and concern for his followers: Jesus showed great love for his followers and treated them like his brethren.
  • Integrity: he lived his life as a role model and was a man of integrity.
  • Discipline: he did what he had to do, when he had to do it. He prayed, fasted, rested, and worked at the right time.
  • Forgiveness
  • Development: he taught, trained, and motivated his followers.
  • He was a man of patience
  • He was a servant leader
  • He was focused on his vision
  • He believed in his followers and ordered them to act on his behalf.

 My leadership style
From my previous work experience and my study of leadership as a course, I realize that I am a situational leader. I believe that each situation calls for a different approach to leadership. An urgent situation may call for being autocratic at that moment; other situations may call for a more lax approach like the inspirational leadership style.
Working with and leading teams during my MBA has helped me manage people better; these are people with diverse culture, skills, beliefs, age, gender, and nationality.
Feedback from colleagues
My team members have told me that I have good leadership skills that makes the team get our job done effectively. They also stated that sometimes, I attach the wrong leadership style to the wrong situation. For example, when team members are tired and want to “call it a day” without completing our task, I act autocratic and would not listen to their views.
Also, I have been told that members with a different nationality from mine do not easily understand me in urgent situations because I talk too fast, a communication problem.
I welcome structured criticisms and they have helped me realize the areas to develop to become a better leader and manager. So in my next team, I will lead effectively.
I have learned how important it is to have good leadership skills and how much of an asset it is. In my chosen industry, the finance industry, and as a manager, I will be required to lead or be part of teams. The teams will most likely be diverse teams; diverse in age, skills, beliefs, language, and maybe, nationality. My study and experience of business and leadership, has enabled me to understand what I will face after my MBA and the wisdom to tackle them.
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