General causes of industrial disputes strains which results in bad industrial relations are

Close mindedness of employers and employees one thinking to extract maximum work with minimum remuneration, other thinking to avoid work and get more enhancements in pay and wages.Irrational wage, wage system and structure not mutually acceptablePoor working environment, low presence of safety, hygiene conditions vitiated atmosphere for smooth workingPoor human relations, and lack of dexterity on the part of management personnel.Lack of control over the situations erosion of discipline, which rebounds.Introduction of new technology or automation mechanization, Computerization etc. without proper consultations, preparations and discussion with workers and creating climate.Nepotism, unequal workloads, disproportionate wage, and responsibilities.Adoption of unfair labour practices either by employer or employees and unions.Unjustifiable profit sharing, and not considering workers as a co-share of the gains of the industry.Frequent union rivalries over membership foisting up of fake unions.Strikes lock out, lay off, and resulting retrenchment due to high handedness on the part of the concerned.Throwing away the agreements and arrived settlementsMilitancy of the unionsAttitude of government and political parties who may indirectly control some the unions for their own gains or to get a hold on the industry.
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