Are You an Oniomaniac?

If you are one of those who excessively shops and spends in order to temporarily avert negative feelings, then you could be an Oniomaniac, referred to by most men as a shopaholic.
Try assessing yourself by checking out these symptoms that characterize an Oniomaniac/shopaholic:

  • You go to the mall and shop when you get upset, disappointed or lonely
  • You don’t feel confident when you don’t have your credit card
  • You feel elevated that you can’t explain it every time you shop
  • Shopping has caused emotional distressed in your life like being unable to sleep because of credit card debts
  • You feel guilty after shopping
  • You  have stuff that still has its price tag after months of purchasing it
  • You get into fights or arguments with your loved one because of shopping
  • You prefer using the credit card rather than paying in cash
  • You lie to others about what you bought or how much you’ve spent for a purchase
  • You always think about money, even before you sleep
  • When you get your pay, you immediately think of what to buy with the money
  • You get upset when you can’t buy the thing you’ve been crushing on in the department store
  • You borrow money to buy what you want and promise to pay it on your pay day
  • You spend  a lot of time juggling your bills

If you’re seeing yourself agreeing to most of what is written above, follow these tips to minimize overspending:

  • Do not bring your credit card with you all the time
  • Avoid the habit of “only window-shopping” as this will give you the urge to spend
  • If possible keep only one credit card which may be used only in cases of emergency
  • Make a shopping or grocery list when buying and strictly adhere to what is listed
  • Avoid bringing too much cash with you; bring just enough for the day’s expenses
  • Do not participate in SALE or discount shopping
  • Bring somebody with you when you do your shopping
  • Set a certain budget that you can enjoy and stick to the budget
  • Do not go to the malls when you’re feeling too happy or too sad
  • Stop browsing online shops on your free time
  •  Stop browsing product catalogues
  • Deposit your cash to the bank and leave your ATM card at home; bring only sufficient amount of cash with you

Controlling the urge to spend when you are a shopaholic is a difficult thing to do; but not impossible. Do not easily get discouraged if you happen to give in to the addiction. Try and try until you finally gain control over your urge to spend. Shopping is a good thing; it is only when it becomes too much that it could create or cause difficulties and danger in one’s life. Being a shopaholic is not something that you should be ashamed of; instead of seeing it as a shortcoming, look at the brighter side and see it as a challenge to improve yourself.
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