A pharmaceutical company warns of the dangers of a vaccine against dengue fever

The French pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur, the world’s only vaccine against dengue fever in the market, issued a statement warning that the vaccine should only be used by people who had previously been infected with this virus transmitted from mosquitoes. It affects up to 100 million people in the world annually, mainly in tropical regions.
The statement said that a six-year analysis of the health of people who had previously received the vaccine found a heavier disease in people who were not infected before the vaccine was given. The company stressed that the vaccine still protects against dengue fever when it was received by people who had previously survived the infection. The mechanism underlying this response to the vaccine is not described in the application.
It is known that the virus of dengue fever has four serotypes, and for each of them the body produces individual antibodies. Those who get a mosquito fever and for the first time usually do not need to be hospitalized, because the case is limited to a slight fever and muscle pain, about the same as during the flu. The main risk begins with the second time, especially if the virus of another serotype gets caught.
How much you can understand, But if you then become infected with a serotype of the second type, then a virus-antibody complex can be fixed on the surface of the cell membrane, which increases the number of infected cells and the development of generalized reactions. And if you do not get lucky to get a shock of dengue fever, the consequence may be a massive loss of fluid, a failure of internal organs and death.
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