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Heat-Resistant Resin

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Fluon® PFA EA-2000 resin by AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. has been launched. It features a built-in functional adhesive group that enables one-step processing with other polymers and metals. The resin is also designed to eliminate the need for surface treatment or a separate adhesive layerFor more details, go to

Graffiti Remover

New Product 2
Cortec® has released a tool for graffiti removal—EcoAir® Graffiti Remover Enhanced with Nano VpCI® Technology. EcoAir is a semi-viscous liquid used to remove graffiti, inks, and paints from metal, concrete, and wood. The liquid contains a corrosion-inhibiting compound to prevent flash rusting and discoloration of metal surfaces after graffiti removal. For details, go to

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