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    • 3M Patents Highly Water Repellent Fluoropolymer Coating

      U.S. 8,632,856 B2 3M Innovative Properties Company has been granted a patent for a method for making a coated article, which method is comprised of providing a substrate; providing microparticles of a partially or fully fluorinated polymer and provid…

    • PPG Patents Coating For Decorative Metals

      U.S. 8,632,895 B2 PPG has obtained a patent for a coated article comprised of a decorative metal substrate having a specular gloss greater than 400, with the proviso that the decorative metal substrate does not contain a pigmented coating thereon, a…

    • 3M Patents Aqueous Coating Composition

      U.S. 8,633,263 B2 3M has received a patent for a composition comprised of an aqueous continuous liquid phase; and core-shell particles dispersed in the aqueous continuous liquid phase, each core-shell particle comprising a polymer core surrounded by…

    • NOF Metal Coatings Patents Anticorrosion Composition

      U.S. 8,628,827 B2 Nof Metal Coatings Europe has been granted a patent for a method for forming a coated metallic substrate having an anticorrosion coating. The method is comprised of obtaining a coating composition including from 0.3 percent to 24 pe…

    • BASF Patents Aqueous Coating

      U.S. 8,629,207 B2 BASF has obtained a patent for a n aqueous coating formulation comprised of a substituted, branched polyethyleneimine, which is obtained by a process comprised of reacting a branched polyethyleneimine having a weight-average molecul…

    • Valspar Patents Can Coatings

      Valspar has obtained a patent for a method comprised of the steps of: (a) providing a latex-based coating composition that includes one or more polymers, wherein the one or more polymers are formed by polymerizing one or more ethylenically unsaturate…

    • Bioceramic Coating

      U.S. 8,623,526 B2 Guizhou University has been awarded a patent for a gradient bioceramic coating, wherein the gradient bioceramic coating is prepared with powdery titanium, and powdery composite ceramics, wherein the powdery composite ceramics is com…

    • Valspar Patents Adhesion Promoter

      U.S. 8,623,460 B2 Valspar has been granted a patent for a method for making an article comprised of providing a substrate comprised of at least one of ceramic, glass and polymeric materials; contacting a surface of tbe substrate with a solution compr…

    • AkzoNobel Patents Redispersible Polymer Powder

      AkzoNobel has been granted a patent for a water-redispersible polymer powder composition containing at least one modified natural latex obtained by mixing and reacting natural latex with at least one radical initiator and/or with at least one oxidizi…

    • H.B. Fuller Patents Hot Melt Adhesive

      U.S. 8,623,480 B2 H.B. Fuller has been granted a patent for a hot melt adhesive composition comprised of at least 55 percent by weight of a first polymer consisting of a non functionalized amorphous poly alpha olefin polymer comprising greater than a…

    • Polysaccharide-Based Pigments And Fillers

      U.S. 8,623,504 B2 Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT has been granted a patent for particles of a polysaccharide derivative, having at least one substituent with conjugated unsaturated bonds and exhibiting an index of refraction in excess of 1.50, compri…

    • Valspar Patents Crosslinkable Coating with Polyurethane

      U.S. 8,580,901 B2 Valspar Sourcing Inc. has been granted a patent for an aqueous crosslinkable coating composition comprised of water; a water-dispersible polyurethane polymer comprised of a plurality of urethane linkages; a plurality of cycloaliphat…

    • BASF Patents Self-Healing Coating

      U.S. 8,586,697 B2 BASF has obtained a patent for a method of self-healing cured coatings, which is comprised of heating a coating of a cured coating composition for a period of at least 10 minutes to a temperature which lies at least 25° C above…

  • Self-Stick Paint Swatch For Testing Samples on a Wall

    Myra Hersh has been granted a patent for a removable swatch sheet for temporary attachment to a surface for viewing a paint color painted on the swatch sheet, the swatch sheet is comprised of a multilayer construction comprised of a paintable paper l…

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