Ultraviolet Absorbers Made for Coatings

Songwon Industrial Co. Limited (Ulsan, South Korea) has expanded its line of ultraviolet absorbers with the addition of two new products: Songsorb CS400 and Songsorb CS384-2—both of which are made for use in formulating coatings.
Songsorb CS 400 is a liquid hydroxyphenyl triazine UV absorber with high thermal stability, according to Songwon, and can provide resistance in coatings exposed to high bake cycles. With the properties of hydroxy functionality, the UV absorber reportedly minimizes migration and is durable in 100 percent solids automotive and industrial finishes. CS 400 also does not interfere with the catalysts in amine and metal-catalyzed coatings, and can be used in coatings that will be applied to basecoats or substrates containing such catalysts.
Songsorb CS 384-2 is intended for use in high-performance coatings that match the durability requirements of automotive coatings. The UV absorber also acts as a protector for basecoats, as well as wood and plastic substrates. In liquid form, CS 384-2 can be used in waterborne and most common solvent systems.
Songsorb CS400 and Songsorb CS384-2 can be used in combination with a HALS, such as Songsorb CS 292, that will allow for better protection against gloss reduction, cracking, blistering, delamination and color change.
“The new UVAs provide coatings with outstanding protection against degradation due to high temperatures during processing and environmental impact during use. They therefore help to prolong the life of end products such as vehicles,” said Rosanna Telesca, Leader, Market Center Coatings at Songwon.
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