What's preventing you from reaching your ideal output?


What would each 1% in improved performance mean to you?

Proficy OEE encapsulates the power of the Industrial Internet where many small changes make a big difference. A few example customer successes:

  • 39% reduced downtime
  • 2% reduced waste
  • 4% reduced inventory
  • 10% improved production efficiency

Overall equipment effectiveness quantifies how well a manufacturing unit performs relative to its designed capacity, during the periods when it is scheduled to run. OEE is a common tool to support continuous improvement.
Proficy® OEE tracks and monitors Overall Equipment Effectiveness & other Key Performance Indicators and provides analysis to identify root causes.
It enables real-time decision-making by utilizing standard reports, ad-hoc reports and dashboards, and identifies the money pits.
It’s easy to implement. Proven to deliver. And scalable to meet your continuous improvement initiatives.

Find answers to a low OEE with the OEE Start Kit

When you work efficiently, you can increase production without adding new lines, new machines, or new assets. By optimizing ONE machine, ONE production line, or even ONE process, you can begin to make proactive adjustments that prevent unplanned downtime, product waste, and poor machine performance.
So where do you start when you might not even recognize that there is a problem? The OEE Start Kit. See how the experts at AutomaTech (backed with the power of GE Intelligent Platform’s software solutions), can bring new visibility to your facility and operation in only 2 weeks!
One hidden failure or inefficiency can quickly become a complex problem that ripples across your entire operation. Wouldn’t you rather see the effects of better performance, increased visibility, and improved efficiency instead?

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