Interesting AI Demos and Projects



  • Boids
    building autonomous agents to simulate group motion and obstacle avoidance such as activities of bird flocks and fish schools 
  • Excalibur The project is to develop a generic architecture for a group of agents to pursue their given goals, adapt their behavior to new environments, and communicate and perform coordinated group actions.
  • Intelligent Agents work at IBM 
  • Interactive Video Environment (MIT)
    The Interactive Video Environment (IVE) is an experimental “testbed” to explore how Computer Vision and Computer Agents technologies can be used to solve problems of human interface and human interaction over networks. The goal of the IVE project is to develop smart cooperative work/play systems that function robustly despite wide variation in network and environmental conditions. 
  • Internet Softbots (U. Washington)
    Building autonomous agents that interact with real-world software environments such as operating systems or databases is a pragmatically convenient yet intellectually challenging AI problem. We are utilizing planning and machine-learning technology to develop an Internet softbot (software robot), a customizable and (moderately) intelligent assistant for Internet access. The softbot accepts goals in a high-level language, generates and executes plans to achieve these goals, and learns from its experience. 
  • Guardian Angel (MIT)
    The project uses guardian angels(software agents) to create health information systems centered on the patients rather than solely for the convenience of the doctors. 
  • Kasbah (MIT)
    Kasbah is an an on-line multiagent classified ad system. Users can create agents that, being given certain directions, strategies, and constraints, are launched into a common “marketplace” where they seek out and negotiate with, potential buyers or sellers. 
  • Microsoft Agent 
  • Miscellaneous Resources on Agents 
  • Intelligent Web Apps

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