5 hot hits of packaging trends and tech

Popular packaging topics involve analysis of Amazon’s latest move in ecommerce, a new package from Quaker Oats, trends in smart packaging, new technology for beverage bottles and a list of careers in packaging to consider.
Come revisit the five articles the global packaging community found most compelling on PackagingDigest.com in July 2017:
#5. New tech reshapes aluminum beverage bottles
#4. Quaker Overnight Oats packages simplicity
#3. 4 areas where smart packaging excels
#2. 10 hottest careers in the consumer packaging industry
#1. What Amazon buying Whole Foods might do for ecommerce packaging

#5. New tech reshapes aluminum beverage bottles
Did you know that shaped aluminum beverage bottles don’t have to be symmetrical anymore? Brands can stand out in a package that breaks away from the rest of the round-bottle crowd with proprietary and patented uShape technology fromMontebello Packaging.
The recyclable aluminum bottles can be:
• shaped with flutes, embossing, debossing and various fine details.
• printed with the customer’s artwork in up to nine colors using a high-quality dry-offset printing. A variety of visually striking print effects are available, including matte and gloss finishes, metallic and specialty inks, and an assortment of base coating options.
• capped using a roll-on pilfer-proof (ROPP) closure.
The product is currently available in one base diameter, with hot-fill or ambient-fill volumes of 250mL/8 fl oz to 355mL/12 fl oz depending on the shape and other requirements.

#4. Quaker Overnight Oats packages simplicity
Three food packaging connoisseurs analyze the new Quaker Overnight Oats breakfast cup from various perspectives: sustainability, functionality, convenience and design. The product is cold-brewed, that is it requires no heat for cooking.
Some pros and cons:
The clear plastic cup (No.7 resin identification code) lets consumers see the product before buying—something they expect and appreciate. But from a recycling perspective, it’s a fail.
On the sustainability front, the energy savings is a plus.
And the product has a clean label with minimal ingredients that are recognizable to consumers.
You don’t have to be an analyst to weigh in—what do you think of this product/package?

#3. 4 areas where smart packaging excels
“By reinventing packaging as a fully interactive customer engagement tool, packaging could be elevated from a simple functional relationship to providing a useful and valued service,” says author Ian Lifshitz, vp of sustainability and stakeholder relations for the Americas for Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP).
Here’s how:
Content—give consumer access to additional information and or valuable coupons through quick-response (QR) codes or near-field communication technology.
Replenishment—tell consumers when they are running low so they can reorder before all the product is gone, gone, gone.
Expiration—food safety and food waste converge here with smart packages that can prompt consumers to use up food before it reaches its end of life.
Authentication—is this product the real thing? Reassure your customers that it is and that it hasn’t been tampered with.

#2. 10 hottest careers in the consumer packaging industry
You’ve already got a job in the packaging industry but maybe it’s not the best fit for you. What else can you do? A packaging “insider”—Hotmelt.com marketing manager Casey Heigl—shares her top 10 list:
1. Packaging Engineer
2. Package Designer
3. Consumer Behavior Analyst
4. Packaging Specialist
5. Packaging Operator
6. Product Tester
7. Food Scientist
8. Assembly Line Worker
9. Compliance Manager
10. Packaging Buyer
#1. What Amazon buying Whole Foods might do for ecommerce packaging
A trio of analysts told Packaging Digest how ecommerce packaging might change—especially for fresh foods—because of Amazon’s game-changing acquisition of Whole Foods.
First, they explore the business strategy:
Dan Wilkinson, chief commercial officer of 1WorldSync, a multi-enterprise, global product information network, says, “With Whole Foods’ brick-and-mortar stores and Amazon’s powerful ecommerce technology, the company has effectively solved the last-mile fulfillment barrier that has prevented widespread consumer and retailer adoption of omni-channel grocery.”
Scott Deutsch, president of Ehrhardt + Partner, North America, a global provider of warehouse management systems (WMS)/warehouse control systems (WCS)/voice solutions, looks at……
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