Process Capability – Software (Sinclair QL)

Cp and Cpk are called Process Capability. Pp and Ppk are called Process Performance. In both cases we want to try to verify if the process can meet to meet Customer CTQs (requirements).
Cp, and Cpk are used for Process Capability. Generally you use this when a process is under statistical control. This often happens with a mature process that has been around for a while. Process capability uses the process sigma value determined from either the Moving Range, Range or Sigma control charts
Pp and PPk are used for Process Performance. Generally you use this when a process is too new to determine if it is under statistical control. Ex. there is a short pre-production run or you are piloting a new process. Because there is not a lot of historical data we take large samples from the process to account for variation. Process Performance generally uses sample sigma in its calculation.
In theory Cpk will always be greater than or equal to Ppk. There are anomalies seen when the sample size is small and the data represents a short amount of time where estimating using R will overstate standard deviation and make Cpk smaller than Ppk. It is not real, there can never be less variation in the long term since the long term is using all of the data not just two pieces of data from every subgroup.
Computador: Sinclair QL
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