Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal

According to Forbes, Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal has an estimated net worth of $23.1 billion. The Saudi business magnate, investor, and member of the Saudi royal family was chosen as Marcopolis’ #3 most powerful and influential businessman in the country.
Al-Waleed was born in Jeddah to Prince Talal, who was Saudi Arabia’s finance minister, and Mona Al Solh, who was the daughter of Lebanon’s first Prime Minister. He is a grandson of the founding king and nephew of late king Abdullah. A magazine called Arab Man ranked him first on a list of the “100 Most Important Arabs.” He was on the cover of Arabian Business for a feature about the world’s richest Arabs. The headquarters of his media conglomerate, Rotana—which in 2010 formed a partnership with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation—is known as the most gender-integrated workplace in the kingdom other than hospitals.
Al-Waleed earned his Bachelor of Science in business administration from Menlo College in the US.
He went on to receive his Masters degree in Social Science from Syracuse University.
As the founder, CEO, and 95% owner of the Kingdom Holding Company, Al-Waleed is involved in sectors across the economy. Some of these sectors include, banking, hospitality, media, entertainment, retail, agriculture, chemicals, technology, and real estate.
Furthermore, he has the second largest share in 21st Century Fox, is the largest individual shareholder in Citigroup, and owns the Four Seasons Hotel George V and Plaza Hotel in Paris.
Prince Al-Waleed is an active humanitarian. Much of his philanthropic endeavors are not only a way to directly support a cause, but to indirectly bridge the gap between Western and Islamic Societies. He has financed many centers of American studies in the Middle East, as well as many Islamic studies in Western universities. Al-Waleed has also donated to scholarship funds, natural disaster reliefs, and feminist causes, such as funding the training of Hanandi Zakaria Al-Hindi to become the first Saudi woman commercial airline pilot.
The notorious Prince owns stakes in private and public companies all around the world, including the US, Middle East, and Europe. The business mogul has been compared to Warren Buffet, an American business tycoon, because of many his entrepreneurial endeavors.
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