Scientists of SPbPU invented an apparatus for diagnosis and removal of tumors by ultrasound


The first domestic device, which uses ultrasound to diagnose and remove the cancer tumor at an early stage, was invented by scientists of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great (SPbPU), RIA Novosti reported . The device removes the tumor without surgery. It is planned to be used for ablation (destruction) of neoplasms in the dairy, thyroid gland, kidney, liver and other organs.

“Non-invasive method allows to avoid surgical scars and postoperative complications,” – told RIA Novosti head of the laboratory “Medical Ultrasonic Apparatus” SPbPU Alexander Berkovich. He explained that the device determines the tumor with the help of a diagnostic scanner, and then emits a directed ultrasound that destroys the tumor by a special power sensor.

As a rule, similar devices for ablation work under the control of MRI, which significantly increases the cost of the procedure. The scientist noted that the uniqueness of the apparatus developed at the Polytech consists in applying ultrasound simultaneously in three qualities: diagnostic, therapeutic and thermometric (temperature measurement).

Such technologies on the basis of ultrasound, according to Alexander Berkovich, no one applies to one device as yet. “French developers combine diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, but the cost of their complex exceeds the price of Russia,” he added.

SPbPU intends to implement the development in production together with the company “Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant”. Release of the device to the market is planned for 2019.

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