Most Powerful Business People in Saudi Arabia

Marcopolis ranked the most powerful business leaders in Saudi Arabia. The ranking is based on an executive survey with the top businessmen as part of the business report on Saudi Arabia. Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel is No. 1, and Saleh Al-Turki, at No. 2, is the second most powerful businessmen in Saudi Arabia.
The research team asked the interviewees, who they think are the five most powerful businessmen in Saudi Arabia. Each one nominated 5 businessmen. The interviewees anonymously nominated a total of 86 leaders.
Out of the 86 personalities nominated by our interviewees, 26 leaders were a common vote amongst them, with eight of the top businessmen standing out from the group and emerging as the clear leading business figures in Saudi Arabia. More than 75 businessmen participated in the survey to date. The survey is ongoing and the ranking might change over time.
While there is some correlation between the wealth and being the most powerful businessman, the wealth was not the single defining factor in the nominations. The business community in Saudi Arabia took into many consideration other qualities when nominating the “most powerful businessman”. The wealthiest person in Saudi Arabia, Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal is currently No.3, in the survey.

The List – Results to Date

#1 Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel is a prominent business figure in Saudi Arabia. He is chairman of the Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives (ALJCI) and founder of the world’s largest Toyota dealership, with operations in the Middle East, Central Asia, UK, and China. The business tycoon was voted as Marcopolis’ #1 most powerful businessman in Saudi Arabia.
#2 Saleh Al-Turki is the President and Chairman of Nesma Holding, a company involved in many sectors, including oil & gas, construction, real estate, hospitality, tourism, telecom, IT, and more. It is headquartered in Saudi Arabia, but also has offices in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Turkey. While, Al-Turki might not be amongst the most powerful businessmen in Saudi Arabia, he was a common vote. He is admired for his business acumen and business leadership skills. Al-Turki is a leading name in the business world, and his activities promote the development of the economy of Saudi Arabia. His optimism about the future of the Kingdom, as well as his positive influence on the people of Saudi, has made Al-Turki Marcopolis’ 3rd most powerful businessman in the country.
#3 Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal is one of the most powerful businessmen and consistently ranks as the most powerful businessman in Saudi Arabia. According to Forbes, Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal has an estimated net worth of $23.1 billion. The Saudi business magnate, investor, and member of the Saudi royal family was chosen as Marcopolis’ #3 most powerful and influential businessman in the country.
#4 Lubna Olayan is one of Saudi Arabia’s most influential businesswomen, making her Marcopolis’ #4 most powerful businessperson in the Kingdom. In 2014, Olayan was ranked as Forbes’86th Most Powerful Woman in the world. Luban Olayan consistantly ranks as the most powerful women in Saudi Arabia and in the Arab World. She is very repsected in the Saudi business community for her continious leadership skills. Olayan is heading one of the largest business conglomerates in Saudi Arabia.
#5 Khaled Juffali
#6 Saleh Kamel
#7 Bakr Bin Laden
#8 Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz Al Rajhi
#9 Sulaiman A. K. Al-Muhaidib
#10 Mohammed Yousef Naghi
#11 Adel Fakieh
#12 Abdurahman Al-Zamil
#13 Saleh Bin Mahfouz
#14 Khalid A. Al-Falih
#15 Prince Sultan bin Mohammed

Full List

1 Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel
2 Saleh al-Turki
3 Waleed Bin Talal
4 Lubna Olayan
5 Khaled Juffali
6 Saleh Kamel
7 Bakr Bin Laden
8 Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz Al Rajhi
9 Sulaiman A. K. Al-Muhaidib
10 Mohammed Yousef Naghi
11 Adel Fakieh
12 Abdurahman Al-Zamil
13 Saleh Bin Mahfouz
14 Khalid A. Al-Falih
15 Prince Sultan bin Mohammed
16 Abdullah Saleh Kamel
17 Mohammad Abdul Qader Al Fadl
18 Saleh Bin Laden
19 Ahmad Yousef Naghi
20 Abdullah Zamil
21 Saeed Al-Ghamdi
22 Abdulrahman Fakieh
23 Fahd Al-Fahd Al-Rasheed
24 Abdul Rahman Al-Jeraisy
25 Abdullah S. Al-Rashid
26 Abdulrahman Bin Mahfouz
27 Mohammed Al Amoudi
28 Abdullah Saeed Binzagr
29 Walid Al-Juffali
30 Mohammed Abounayyan
31 Ismail Ali Abudawood
32 Abdelrauf Ibrahmeem Batterjee
33 Abdullah Ahmed Zainal Alireza
34 Sobhi A. Batterjee
35 Abdul Rahman Sharbatly
36 Ayman Tamer
37 Abdullatif bin Ahmed Al Othman
38 Isam Khairy Kabbani
39 Mohammed Ali Alesayi
40 Mohammad Bin Khalid Bin Abdallah Al Faisal Al Saud
41 Emad Abdulkader Al-Muhaidib
42 Ghassan Ahmad Al Sulaiman
43 Anas Al Sairafi
44 Abdullah Alireza
45 Amr Al-Dabbagh
46 Mohammed al-Mady
47 Hamad Rashed
48 Youssef Al Quraishi
49 Ali Alireza
50 Indra Nooyi
52 Sulaiman Al Habib
53 Abdullah Al Othaim
54 Raed Tamimi
55 Mohammed Albadr
56 Mutlaq Bin Hamd Al Murshid
57 Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al-Sugair
58 Muhammad Al Agil
59 Abdullah Ahmed Bugshan
60 Fawaz Hokair
61 Abdallah Al Romaih
62 Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Al Subaie
63 Mohammed Al Mousa
64 Khalid Olayan
65 Walid Fitaihi
66 Anees Ahmed Moumina
68 Abdelelah Salem Bin Mahfouz
69 Abdul Mohsen Al-Hokair
70 Ibrahim Mohammed Abdulaziz Aljomaih
76 Ibrahim Abdulaziz Al-Assaf
77 Mansour bin Saleh Al Maiman
78 Amin H. Nasser
79 Ali Al-Naimi
80 Waleed Zahid
81 Jameel M.A. Farsi
82 Mousa Al-Omran
83 Khalid Ahmed Yousuf Zainal Alireza
84 Maha Ahmed Hasan Fitaihi


Final Word

Our interviewees considered a number of Saudis, however chose their nominees based on their influence and power in the country. Their innovation, inspiration, wide-range endeavors, and philanthropy have been recognized by the business world. Their strong work ethic and genuine impact on the Saudi Arabian people have landed them on the list of Marcopolis’ Top Businessmen in the country.
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