Egyption Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Global Napi Pharmaceutical 

Global Napi pharmaceuticals, is the core of an integrated business trend of a group of companies specialized in sales and marketing activities, import and export activities and distribution of pharmaceuticals. Find more

El-Nasr Pharmaceuticals Chemicals Co. (EI – Nasr)

The El-Nasr Pharmaceutical Chemicals Co. produces pharmaceutical chemicals preparations, veterinary products, and infusion solutions. EI Nasr is engaged in the manufacturing & trading of pharmaceutical specialities, I.V. solutions, veterinary specialities, haemodialysis concentrates, kidney dialysers, bloodlines and fistula needles. It produces bulk chemicals, laboratory chemicals, diagnostics and industrial enzymes, and exports its products to some Arab, African, European and Asian countries. Find More


Egyptian International Pharmaceutical Industries Co.        


One of the largest egyptian producers of medicine and the industry leader in production, sales and exports.
EIPICO typically applies c.G.M.P. Regulations throughout the operational departments including evaluation of raw materials, calibration of equipments, control, holding and distribution of finished products.
EIPICO, inaugurated its Biotechnology Center on August 6th, 2001 to contribute in the development of the drugs in all stages such as:
– Synthesis of raw materials using biotechnology,
– Bacterial and tissue utilization to produce Biotechnology and pharmaceutical products.
– Extraction of active materials from natural products.
– Pre-clinical studies including pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.
– Dosage forms studies including preformulation, stability studies and new drug delivery system.
– Clinical trials.
– Technology transfer.
– Protein purification.
EPICO exports their pharmaceutical products to Arab Countries, and to some African, Asian and East European Countries. Find more

Manufacturers of disposable syringes in Egypt. Find More

Bio Pharma Egypt

Produces a line of nutritional supplements and offers product lines such as sports nutrition products, diet products, low fat candy bars, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal and more. Find More

Kahira Pharmaceuticals

Kahira pharmaceuticals & chemical industries company is one of the largest pharmaceutical company in the middle east. Kahira is working according to GMP regulations and considering this regulation as its goal to achieve the standard for its products. The company’s production departments are: Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Suspensions, Ampoules, Vials, Eye & Nasal drops, Ointments & creams, Antibiotics, Disinfections, Lyophilization, Suppositories, Powders & Effervescent Granules.

Tetrapharm Pharmaceutical co.

  • Tetrapharm Co. is a leader in providing unique and highly effective herbal and vitamin formulation to individuals who pride and value their health and fitness.
    These products are made under current Good manufacturing Practices established by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA. Our Dietary supplements undergo rigorous quality control checks at each stage of processing to ensure that they meet and/ or exceed all applicable government standers.
    We guarantee 100% the product integrity on each and every product we offer. We pride on our high quality products and are committed to bringing to you good nutrition at affordable price.
    Tetrapharm Co. produces different pharmaceutical forms to suit all patients and ages.
    Tetrapharm exports to Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, Morocco, Libya and Africa.
  • DAWAK Pharmaceutical co.
  • El Watania for pharmaceutical & chemical industries-DAWAK is one of the fast growing Egyptian pharmaceutical company specialized in manufacturing, distribution and marketing of the human and veterinary pharmaceuticals since 2004 up till now.
  • Mash For Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Mash company is one of the most prominent companies in the field of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products in Egypt, especially skin and hair care products. Mash was founded in 1989 and now after fifteen years of experience in the field of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products manufacturing and the exchange of information and experience with various international scientific and industrial societies, the company succeeded in establishing its position in both Egyptian and international markets. Mash depends majority on experts in different fields; manufacturing, production, research, marketing and distribution. Find More
  • EGYPHAR Pharmaceutical co.
  • Egyphar produces many drugs for treatment of many critical diseases as: Zisrocin cap&susp:(azithromycine) antibiotic of macrolide group which is the first choice treatment in respiratory infections – skin&soft tissues infections – many other infections
    Helicure cap:(clarithromycine&tinidazole&omeprazol) triple therapy of peptic ulcer(mainly dudenal) which caused by bacteria known by helicopacter.
  • Pharco Pharmaceuticals  – European Egyption Pharm. Ind.
  • Founded by: Dr. Hassan abbas helmy
    Year of foundation:1982
    Paid up capital: L. E.250 million
    Annual sales: L. E.255 million(2002)legal status: Shareholding company established under the law 43/1974, replaced by the law 230/1989 for investment&foreign trade.
    Number of personnel:1250(2002)factory area:47,000 sq. M.
    Mailing address: P. O. Box.12, sidi gaber, alexandria, egypt
    Factory: Kilo 31 desert road, amreya, alexandria.
  • Pharco Pharmaceutical Find More
  • European Egyption Pharm.Ind Find More
  • ACAPI started what became a fully integrated powerful and dynamic pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of health care products. Today ACAPI is ready more than ever to face current and future challenges working hand in hand with the international scientific community. Find More
  • Luna Pac 
  • LUNA PAC is a research based cosmetics and Para pharmaceuticals company.The scope of the company is the design, production, testing and selling of cosmetics, Para pharmaceuticals and hotel amenities. The Company was founded in 1997. The production started in 1997. Find More

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