Half of Oman’s properties could have solar energy in five years, conference told


DUBAI: Half of all houses in Oman could have rooftop solar panels supporting their energy needs in the next five years a conference has been told.
Speaking at the Oman Economic Review Business Summit 2017, Raoul Restucci, managing director at Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO) said there was a “technology revolution” at their doorsteps, national daily the Times of Oman reported.
“In my view, when we fly over the Sultanate, 50 percent of Omani houses will have solar panels installed in the next five years… The cost of solar will go lower and there will be a tipping point for electric vehicles if a good storage technology is developed. Moreover, demand for these technologies is growing and it makes a perfect storm that will challenge the economic model of every country. We need to get on this transition train. Diversification is a must.”
Christensen Flemming, senior project manager at Italian company CESI recently said solar energy was the cheapest source of electricity.
Oman already ranks as one of the most prominent nations for the amount of solar energy it generates, which ultimately makes the ongoing shift to this green form of power in the country inevitable, the report added.
And Oman’s Authority for Electricity Regulation recently launched the Sahim initiative which allows residents to install solar panels on their houses while still connected to the national power grid.
According to the report most Omani residents believe they can put solar panels on their roofs, but added that the public and private sectors needed to commit further to the push for green power.

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