First Time Through FTT calculation

First Time Through FTT calculation

First Time Through (=FTR – First Time Right)

In the quality Rate of OEE the minimal information that is needed to be collected is

  • Good parts
  • Rejected parts

Rejected parts can be categorized as:

  • Scrap: Has to be destroyed
  • Rework: Can be correct in order to still meet the specifications
  • Sub-Spec: Does not meet the spec, but can be sold in a different market, b-product etc.

FTT is all the output that met the spec immediately. In terms of OEE: Good Product.

How is FFT Rate calculated?

The ratio of good parts to total parts will give the FTT rate.

On many machines, to detect this is not really an issue. Often it is straightforward to count the amount of scrap and total parts the machine made during the shift.

Other names for FTT

There are a lot of abbreviations; all reflecting to the same KPI:

  • FPY = First Pass Yield
  • FTR = First Time Right
  • RFT = Right First Time
  • DRIFT = Do it Right First Time
  • TFT = Through First Time

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