Be Indispensable: Work Smarter, Not Harder


Be Indispensable: Work Smarter, Not Harder
Solution-oriented and proactive, indispensable people know the key to their success is to work smarter, not harder. They take ownership of their jobs, go above and beyond the call of duty, add value to their teams, and perform well under pressure. And with the right training, a healthy dose of practice, and some experience, you can help to transform your workforce from irreplaceable to indispensable.
Indispensable people possess a mindset that drives them to think, act, and behave differently. They’re always indispensable, no matter where they go or what they do. They know they’re replaceable—and perhaps most importantly, they want to be replaceable. Because that’s how indispensable people climb the corporate ladder faster than anyone else.
So what are the key behaviors of indispensable people? Let’s take a closer look.
Indispensable Behavior #1: Take Ownership
Act like a business owner.
Show passion and enthusiasm for your job. Realize that 80% of what you achieve is the result of 20% of your effort, so make sure you’re focused on the right 20%.
Bring a solution for every problem.
When problems arise, be careful to address the root of it, not merely the symptoms. Use available resources  to brainstorm and research potential solutions before presenting your ideas to your manager.
Indispensable Behavior #2: Go Above and Beyond
Offer something unique.
Do you speak a foreign language? Do you have a special skill? Unique talents don’t guarantee job security, but they can help you to stand out among others and add value to your organization.
Take initiative.
Tackle challenges without being told and don’t be afraid to try new things.
Indispensable Behavior #3: Perform Under Pressure
Stay calm and cool.
When the going gets tough, step back and collect your thoughts before reacting to the situation.
Perform triage.
Identify which issues are critical and determine how they need to be addressed. Create a simple to-do list to resolve problems. Create a report to capture key learning points for the future.
Indispensable Behavior #4: Be Adaptable

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