Outlook .pst file Email extractor (freeware)

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Name: PVE Outlook Email Address Extractor
Version: (released on 1 nov 2007 19:15:51 )
Publisher: Peter Van Eeckhoutte
The following prerequisites are required:
    • .NET Framework 2.0
    • Outlook 2003/2007 and access to the pst file
If these components are already installed, you can download the installer now, or download the update now.
Update notes :
1. Stop the application prior to extracting the files !
2. Extract the files in the folder that contains the installed binaries (typically, this is c:\Program Files\Peter Van Eeckhoutte\Outlook Email Address Extractor\”
3. Start the application again
MD5 Checksums
You can download the md5 checksums from here

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