Increasing needs of Kaizen in Pharma Industry

Increasing cost pressures, rising competition, country specific approval procedures, losses in sales due to expiring patents, etc. are few of the hurdles faced by organizations in pharmaceuticals industry.
Research shows that most of the organizations have adopted or implemented Kaizen/ Lean/ Operational Excellence, however more than 50% have not rolled out Operational Excellence completely. It has been implemented in bits and pieces or some pilot projects are done. What is important is;
Synchronization of manufacturing
-Driven by demand rather than forecast
-Continuous flow of work and people
-Logical rhythm through the supply chain
-Moving forward via downstream signals
Elimination of waste
-Non-value adding steps removed
-Value adding steps broken down and linked
-Problems solved at root cause (eliminate “rocks in water”)
What does Kaizen say?
It is now evident that the global regulatory expectations are moving towards operational excellence where quality comes first. Quality and Productivity are on FDA’s agenda which has now provided new opportunities for the industry and pave the way for operational excellence.
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