How Engineering Software Benefits Plant Management


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The software’s uniform information platform guarantees the implementation of more efficient work processes compared to the previously usual processes. A function-oriented holistic consideration of all trades and technical disciplines is necessary for this. The open system architecture also ensures seamless cooperation with other software solutions, such as control and ERP systems. This creates the conditions for the qualification of the entire plant (or all the plants) beyond all engineering and operating phases.

Whether the plans and the actual plan correspond, alongside the specifications regarding materials and suppliers, can be easily checked using the software. All test results of the function qualification are uniformly documented and archived throughout. They can also be easily accessed.

All required documents are available at all times in their current form and reflect the qualified current status of the plant. All the steps to release are completed efficiently, from the first drawing to daily operation.

Changes Are Digitally Documented Straight Away

Any changes to the current status of the plant are integrated in the software solution and are agreed with the “digital plant” there. This prevents discrepancies between the digital and physical plant. Smaller projects and changes to an existing project can be realized quickly thanks to the modular design of the software. The need for renewed qualification resulting from changes to the plant can be simply assessed.

If re-qualification is necessary, corresponding steps can be quickly taken. Existing documents from previous projects can also be stored in the software. These can then be easily transferred into a new project. This allows the knowledge and experience from previous project phases to be exploited. The duties to inform the relevant authorities can also be fulfilled without a problem. Integrated information management is the key to the optimal planning and efficient management of pharmaceutical plants.

Plant Management: A Connection of Planning and Operation

Comos supports all the processes required for this and simplifies your planning and documentation with its unique, integrated data basis and modular structure. This shortens the planning time, allowing faster market launch, which means that patent terms for the drug are optimally exploited. Additionally, the costs for any changes in the deployment stage and in the operation of the plant are reduced considerably.

With its holistic and information data basis, plant management with Comos supports all the processes required for integrated information management and simplifies the design, operation and documentation of pharmaceutical plants. Cooperation between plant operators and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) providers is make easier with this software, allowing the planning and operating worlds to connect better. This in turn leads to a faster market launch of new drugs and to the minimization of risks and costs. The companies in the pharmaceutical industry therefore enhance their overall competitive situation significantly.


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