Efficient Plant Management Required


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The far-reaching and globally realizable software solution Comos guarantees efficient plant management in the process industry. It provides data transparency as well as interoperability, which are essential in the design and operating phase of pharmaceutical plants.

The software solution Comos has been expanded in close cooperation with renowned companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Required compliance with national and international instances must be observed in the plant design and operation. With the software, the need for renewed qualification resulting from changes to the plant can be simply assessed.

In this context the consistent alignment toward the object-oriented architecture of Comos must be mentioned here.

The object-orientation is an important basis for inputting information, which is required several times, only once and for providing it to all the necessary areas across the entire life cycle of the plant at all times. As a result, information losses and errors resulting from multiple inputting or incorrect data transfers are avoided.

Plant Planning From Early Stages On

The design data can be used even at an early stage of the plant planning to create process flowcharts, which are then detailed in the pipe and instrumentation flowchart. The quality assured pipe planning and pipe specification classification takes place on the basis of international industrial standards. The geometric realization of process data in the form of isometrics and 3D representations can be derived simply from the information in the database.

All electrical, metering, steering and control-relevant planning processes are covered by the software. For example, logical links between the objects and the automated processes are graphically represented in charts and hydraulic and pneumatic sequence diagrams are created on the basis of the current information. All the information from the planning phase can also be used in the subsequent operating phase. Consequently, the software also offers various solutions for plant maintenance.

Plant Management Software Specifically For the Pharmaceutical Industry

The standard software solution Comos has been expanded in close cooperation with renowned companies in the pharmaceutical sector: the result is a solution, which tangibly address the requirements of this industry.

For example, the necessary document structure is created automatically in the design and engineering phase. Complemented by a clear allocation of responsibilities and schedules, the requirement for successful project controlling is created. The documents are processed promptly by the responsible persons and forwarded to the respective appropriate authorities. This procedure is already the first step toward compliance (see above) and can be supplemented with high-level risk monitoring to identify quality-critical systems.

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