Restorative Conditioner – Ethnic Hair – Formulation


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Released by  Evonik06.04.17
Phase A
Tego Alkanol 1618 (Cetearyl alcohol) 5.00
Varisoft BT 85 Pellets (Behentrimonium chloride) 2.00
Abil Soft AF 300 (Aminopropyl dimethicone) 0.50
Water 89.20
Tego Cosmo C 100 (Creatine) 1.00
Glycerin 2.00
Citric acid (30 % sol. in water) 0.30
Phase Z
Perfume “Nutri” (Fragrance Resources) 0.10
Preservative q.s.
One-phase-production: Heat up ingredients to 75°C and homogenize. Cool down while stirring. Add perfume below 45°C. Adjust pH value to 4.5.
Viscosity—15800 mPas (Brookfield, sp. 5, 20 rpm).
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