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“Right First Time”, “Review by Exception”, “Paperless Production”, “Electronic Batch Recording”, “Faster Time to Market”, “FDA Compliance” – these are only some of the benefits of using Werum’s out-of-the-box MES software product PAS-X for your pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production.

PAS-X is the market-leading MES (manufacturing execution system) for the pharma and biotech industries. It is run by more than 50 percent of the world’s top 30 pharmaceutical and biotech companies and in about 800 installations around the globe.

PAS-X is developed in strict accordance with legal requirements such as FDA 21 CFR Part 211 and Part 11, EU GMP and GAMP 5 guidelines. By implementing our MES software product in your manufacturing processes, you benefit from high quality and significant cost savings. In most cases, a return on investment is achieved within two or three years.

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