IDBS E‑WorkBook for Scientific R&D Data Management


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Flexible, scalable, powerful platform for R&D data management

E‑WorkBook is an industry-leading R&D informatics platform for enterprise data management. Simple enough to be a researcher’s primary notebook, yet powerful enough to deliver advanced workflows, reporting and analysis, E‑WorkBook is a web-based product that is software as a service (SaaS) capable and 21CFR11 compliant.

The E‑WorkBook platform of scientific data management software, developed with collaboration in mind, helps drive better decision-making and enables you to bring products to market faster. E‑WorkBook creates a secure and searchable environment for managing intellectual property (IP), driving the development of knowledge and promoting innovation across an organization. E‑WorkBook is scalable, allowing anywhere between 10 and 10,000 users, ensuring the platform can grow alongside the ever-increasing requirements of your business.

E‑WorkBook R&D data management software system


E‑WorkBook allows you to simplify your ELN use, meaning you can spend more time on what you do best – science.

By allowing you to add powerful structured data workflows and reporting, E‑WorkBook can simplify your data management processes.

E‑WorkBook allows you to easily search, report and share data across internal and external collaborators, meaning projects can be completed efficiently.


E‑WorkBook means you are able to easily access and manage what is going on in your lab, from one place.

The system is simple and easy to use – driving adoption and compliance in your department. E‑WorkBook can also be easily configured, to suit your unique needs.


E‑WorkBook can save scientists valuable time and unnecessary reworking, as past records can be found quickly using the system’s search function – improving the productivity of your business.

E‑WorkBook allows you to capture and manage IP in a secure way, which can be accessed whenever you want.

Summary of Benefits

E‑WorkBook provides a single, flexible data management platform for users across groups, locations and even industries.

Designed for user experience, E‑WorkBook can be integrated with the systems you already use for simple data entry, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF, improving user adoption and compliance. The platform also features configurable templates and workflows to drive consistency, and powerful searching and reporting options give easy access to data that may previously have been difficult to find.

Designed with extensibility and integration in mind to support the enterprise informatics ecosystem, E‑WorkBook allows you to design your own workflows, or use one of our pre-created packages based on industry best practices, including:

  • Upstream and downstream bioprocessing
  • BioAnalytical sciences
  • Pharmacology and preclinical sciences

Additional functionality modules are also available for advanced data management tasks commonly associated with systems such as LIMS or LES. Modules include Connect, a secure portal for collaborating with external partners and Inventory for streamlining the management of samples, material and equipment. All this combined provides a comprehensive and flexible foundation for R&D.

Technical Description
  • Deployable as an on-premise installation or SaaS
  • Scalable, web-based system, capable of supporting a large user base across global sites
  • Easily configurable data and security model
  • Integrated dictionary for system-wide taxonomy and master data management
  • Web browser interface supports Windows and Apple OSX operating systems
  • Full version history and audit logging
  • Supports LDAP, SAML, and a variety of digital identity and signature platforms
  • Can meet 21 CFR Part 11, GLP and GMP compliance standards
  • Integration with industry standard informatics systems
  • Comprehensive library of web services and extension points (APIs) for system integration or feature extension

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