E‑WorkBook Electronic Laboratory Notebook Software (ELN)


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One platform for your scientific data management

With the E‑WorkBook electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), you have one platform that can meet the data management needs of your entire organization. It’s your knowledge and company intellectual property (IP), managed. It’s more value to your research and development (R&D) activities.

IDBS E‑WorkBook Electronic laboratory notebook (ELN)

A solution with the lab of the future in mind

Whether you’re ready for web-enabled working or considering aiming for apaperless lab, our electronic lab notebook is flexible enough to adapt to your needs. The E‑WorkBook ELN’s performance scales as the number of users and quantity of your data grows. It delivers rapid return on investment (ROI) with a generic paper replacement deployment across business units and can tackle more complex data challenges in subsequent phases.

The E‑WorkBook ELN is capable of addressing diverse business needs in a single platform, and is the first building block of an enterprise-wide knowledge management strategy.

  • Quick to set up and easy to use
  • Reduce change management costs by supporting existing documents and templates
  • Speed up data capture and improve compliance using template libraries that provide workflow control
  • Keep users informed by pushing content in real time to configurable dashboards
  • Integrate enterprise systems or add custom features for a seamless user experience


Technical Description
  • Supports Microsoft Office and common image formats using simple drag-and-drop
  • Easy to use tagging and commenting features that encourage collaboration
  • Search both unstructured and structured content
  • User-configurable project and personal dashboards to follow people, projects, research topics and user comments
  • Full GxP support with version control, auditing and multistep digital signature workflows



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