Builders Made Mistakes That Will Leave You Ridiculously Hilarious.


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No, these aren’t pictures from inside of a funhouse. These are real-life building disasters that somehow made it from architect to contractor without anyone noticing. (That is, until someone tried to use a set of stairs that led literally nowhere.) Check out all 78 – how did anyone let this happen?!

1. Wheelchairs can go up steps, right?

2. Obviously they hope they’d be living like the Jetsons by now. (That’s a GARAGE on the 2nd level).

3. Chimneys belong in front of windows. That’s just a fact.

4. “Where the Stairs End,” the lesser known Shel Silverstein book.

5. Who needs stairs when you can just fall?

6. Someone obviously didn’t think the aerial view through…

7. Further proof that high schools are from hell.

8. Almost, man. Almost.

9. Don’t buy a level, he said. It’ll be fine, he said.

10. The only way out of the prison is a little… tricky… to use.

11. Ahh, I knew we forgot something.

12. To be fair, no one would be able to see your PIN from this angle.

13. Silly man, this ATM is for hobbits only.

14. It’s so easy to confuse doors and windows.

15. Mother Nature: 1 Architects: 0

16. Wait, Mother Nature: 2 Architects: 0

17. Looks like someone was an MC Escher fan.

18. Eh, close enough.

19. Someone obviously didn’t understand this staircase wasn’t being built at Hogwarts.

20. This isn’t what a half-bath is.

21. Come, children. Play on the “ow my knees” slide.

22. Bricks are the new windows.

23. No idea…

24. I hope they drive a compact. Or a motorcycle. Or walk.

25. No, that’s not dangerous at all.

26. If you want to go in here, you just have to want it bad enough.

27. This mistake is a whole lot of NOPE.

28. Don’t worry, this kind of mistake happens to everyone.

29. So close, yet so far.

30. This is just cruel.

31. Don’t turn that fan on!

32. The best seat in the house.

33. How do you allow this?

34. Make sure you line it up right.

35. A footrail

36. Box Them In!

37. The handicap bathroom? Oh, it’s up the stairs.

38. Just move the clock!

39. Perfect for Stretch Armstrong

40. I hope there is never a fire in this place.

41. Every nine years, the magical doorway opens and leads to a fantastical land.

42. Enjoy the ocean scenery with a nice cold metal bar under your legs. Relaxing!

43. This idea failed not once, but four times, but they had a plan and they were sticking to it, dangit.

44. This is what the city really thinks of cyclists.

45. I should have measured before redoing the bathroom? Don’t be silly. What do you mean this defeats the purpose of a bathroom door?


47. Look, just because you’re in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you don’t want to be extreme.

48. Extreme, I said.

49. REAL CLOSE FRIENDS. And if you have gastrointestinal distress, you know which toilet to use.

50. We’re all gonna be real close friends after this.

51. Just keeping you on your toes. Pay attention!

52. The “you’re fired” door.

53. And you’re just too big. Clearly your fault as well.

54. In this technological age, we like to keep our customers close to nature. Like really close. Also to an I-beam.

55. I told you. There’s NOTHING in that closet. Those scratches and moans you hear are just the house settling.

56. Safety violation? Pffffft.

57. Well, it’s reduced running on the stairways, but it’s increased confusion and bottlenecking on the stairways.

58. It serves THREE purposes when you think about it!

59. Space saving!

60. The porch is going to be added later! Some people just don’t have foresight, jeez.

61. Better have good aim.

62. Oh, it’s not so far. Just try to get a running start.

63. That adds up.

64. Who is this for?!

65. This is an accident waiting to happen.

66. Ride right into those poles.

67. Why even bother?

68. Right up on that fire lane.

69. Don’t walk through that barrier.

70. Those are some steep driveways.

71. Look out for that shovel-hole.

72. Paint over the poop.

73. Five parking spots…gone.

74. You’ll never leave this garage.

75. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

76. Someone didn’t go to “shcool.”

77. Just walk through those plants.

78. Do NOT cross those lines.

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