Top 3 Free Text Messaging Services


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Why pay for a text messaging plan with your cell phone carrier when independent services exist that offer you free text messaging? This list presents to you the best services for free text messaging on the market today.

UPDATE: It’s more than likely that you own a smartphone these days, so we would recommend you to download WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. As there’s a high chance that your friends and family members are already registered on one of those platforms, if not both. And if you’re still using a cell phone, simply follow our list below.


Review: Free Text Messaging With Image ©

The free text messaging service receives high marks in our testing for offering a simple and easy-to-use Web interface for free text messaging.


Review: Free Text Messaging With mjoy

Image © mjoy

The free text messaging service mjoy offers a no-brainer of a cost saver: free text messaging to any mobile phone in the world. But you need to go online to use it, which means you need a data plan.


Review: Free Text Messaging With Peekamo

Image © Peekamo

Rather than branding itself as a free text messaging service, Peekamo instead first looks like a Twitter competitor in the microblogging space. At the heart of Peekamo, though, indeed is a free text messaging offering.

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