Top 5 Social Media Management Tools


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Top 5 Social Media Management Tools

Are you looking for the best social media management tool? Do you want to increase your productivity and efficiency when managing your business’ social media? How do you choose the best tool for your situation from the thousands of tools that exist? I’m excited to say I’ve partnered once again with G2Crowd to provide a really helpful infographic on the top 5 Rated Social Media Management Tools. The results come from detailed customer reviews from business software review platform, G2Crowd. The infographic covers a variety of information including user satisfaction, product direction, how easy it is to learn to use the platform, level of support, usability and more. In this article, I’ll discuss the findings below as well as introducing the tools and alternative tools.

#1 Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse may not be as well known as Hootsuite, but recently, it has grown hugely in popularity. It scored top in almost all the points in the infographic. It was founded back in 2011 and originally integrated only with Facebook. Since then, its feature set has grown and it now integrates with Twitter, Facebook pages, Instagram, LinkedIn (profiles and pages) and Google+ pages. Agora Pulse particularly shines when it comes to managing engagement, as it clearly displays which mentions and comments require a response. It gives you access to in-depth reports (with Powerpoint export) and competitor comparisons. It also allows you to build Facebook apps and displays Facebook and Instagram dark posts with their comments which you can respond to. Agora Pulse works well for teams with the ability to delegate certain roles to your team members. Agora Pulse scored joint top for usability (9.3/10) and top for user satisfaction (99/100), product direction (9.6/10), Easy-to-Learn (9.2), customer support (9.5/10), meeting requirements (8.7/10) and the G2 Crowd Rating (4.6/5).

DETAILS: Android & iOS • Support • Social Scheduling Queue • Social Inbox • Workflow • Stream View: Per Network View • Competitor Comparison: Facebook & Twitter (Medium Plan and above) • Automated Moderation Rules

#2 Buffer

In last year’s top rated infographic, Buffer wasn’t included. A number of people asked why. I excluded Buffer, because technically it isn’t a full social media management tool. Buffer does one thing very well—publishing. It allows you to schedule your social media posts across a wide range of networks including Twitter, Facebook (profiles, pages and groups), Instagram, LinkedIn (profiles and pages), Pinterest and Google+ pages. It also offers limited reports on its free and awesome plans and more detailed ones in the business plans. Buffer doesn’t offer streams or the ability to engage, so you’ll need to use another tool for this.

However, in December 2015, Buffer acquired social media customer service tool, Respondly. The tool is a standalone engagement and customer service tool, now called Respond, and run by Buffer. Although Buffer does not integrate Respond with the main Buffer tool, Buffer are making a slight transition towards being a social media management tool, albeit a disjointed one. This, together with the popularity of Buffer as a social media tool, was the decision in including it in the infographic.

Buffer works for teams if you opt for the business plan.

Buffer scored joint top for usability (9.3/10) and 2nd for meeting requirements (8.5/10) and the G2 Crowd Rating (4.5). It was 3rd for user satisfaction (96/100) and easy-to-learn (9.0/10) and 4th for product direction (8.8/10) and support (8.3/10).

DETAILS: Android & iOS • Support • Social Scheduling Queue

#3 Sprout Social

Sprout Social was founded back in 2010 and has a popular user base. It integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram. All users get full access to the reports and analytics. Sprout works well for teams where you can delegate groups of accounts to different team members. Additional team members are charged the same amount per month. Sprout Social includes powerful visual reports with all their plans.

Sprout came joint top for usability (9.3) and came second for user satisfaction (98/100), product direction (9.0/10), easy-to-learn (9.1) and support (9.3/10). Sprout Social came 3rd for the G2 Crowd Rating (4.4/5) and 4th for meeting requirements (8.3/10).

DETAILS: Android & iOS • Support • Social Scheduling Queue • Social Inbox Workflow • Stream View: Unified Feed • Twitter List Support

#4 Sendible

Sendible was founded back in 2009 by Gavin Hammar. It integrates with a large number of networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, WordPress, Blogspot and more. Plans include a number of “services” instead of social networks. So publishing to Twitter is a separate service to monitoring a Twitter list or your mentions. The basic plan includes 1 user, and you get additional users by upgrading to higher plans or you can pay for extra ones. Sendible has some fairly advanced features such as advanced geo-targeting features to reach specific segments of your audience and integration with Google Drive, Dropbox and Canva. Sendible also allows you to white label their product which may be a popular choice for certain agencies. Sendible was in 3rd place for product direction (8.8), support (8.6) and 4th for user satisfaction (95/100) and the G2 Crowd Rating (4.2). It was 5th for Easy-to-learn (8.3), usability (8.5) and meeting requirements (8.3).

DETAILS: Android & iOS • Support • Social Scheduling Queue • Stream View: Priority Unified View • Twitter List Support • Instagram Publishing

#5 Hootsuite

Hootsuite was founded by Ryan Holmes, back in 2008. Originally, HootSuite integrated with Twitter only and was called BrightKit. It now integrates with all the popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. They also have an app directory which extends the number of social networks you can manage within Hootsuite. Hootsuite has a free plan as well as paid pro plans and an enterprise plan. For reports, you get 3 basic ones for the free plan, and 3 basic ones and 1 enhanced report for the pro plan. You can pay extra for more reports. 2 team members (including yourself) are included in the pro plan, and you can pay extra for each team member up to a maximum of 10 users. Hootsuite was 3rd for meeting requirements (8.4) and 4th for easy-to-learn (8.5/10) and usability (8.6/10). It was 5th for user satisfaction (93/100), product direction (8.3), support (8.0/10) and the G2 Crowd rating (4.1/5)

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