How to Create Engaging Blog Post Content for Your Small Business – 9 Tips


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“I don’t know what to write about for my next small business blog post.” Does this sound like you?

You understand the importance of including a small business blog on your website. You have likely read about the value of posting to your blog on a regular basis. But, after the first several blog post ideas, many businesses hit a wall ofwriter’s block and can lose interest or even give up on the blog.

Get your creative business juices flowing again with these inspiring and engagingblog post content tips and get posting!

1. Product Launches and Changes

Did your small business recently introduce a new product or product line? Don’t be modest, shout it to the world through your small business blog post. Blog posts are great places to provide testimonials and reviews for new products. Consider creating a series of blog posts that demonstrate multiple uses for a product.

For example, if your small commercial cleaning business has recently introduced a cleaning product, use blog posts as a great opportunity to showcase the different uses for the product. Accentuating the usefulness of the product using a blog is an ideal way to build trust and confidence with prospective customers.

Interesting news doesn’t always require a “new” product or service. Adding new features to an existing product, enhancing an existing service or reconfiguring the pricing of an existing product or service can all provide blog post opportunities. These type of posts also provide content that can be linked to from existing product or service pages.

Or, your business can go over the top and launch your product like HubSpot.

2. New Partnerships

If your small business has joined forces with a new business partner or contracted with a new vendor, announcing this alliance is a great blog post idea. Both existing customers and sales leads will appreciate transparency when it comes to your business’ new endeavors. Allowing your blog’s audience to glimpse behind the scenes of your business partnerships provides the following:

  • Confidence in the strength and growth of the business
  • Trust in the transparency of business alliances
  • A sense of inclusion for customers
  • Excitement about things to come

3. Changes or Additions in Company Policies or Activities

Is your company culture improving in positive ways? Has your business recently become an environmentally friendly business? Have you been recognized for innovative business practices? Any positive change in company policy can be announced in your business blog.

A blog post is the perfect opportunity to communicate the values and community contributions demonstrated by your business. Any of the following are compelling blog post ideas:

  • Awards or recognitions, including those given by publications or local or state organizations
  • Certifications, such as for sustainable business practices or employment of veterans
  • Value or Mission Statements, if your business has revised it to reflect a new priority

4. Participation in Events

If your small business belongs to a community organization or participates in events, either online or locally, small business blog post content ideas abound. Create ongoing blog posts about any or all of the following:

  • Trade shows
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Charity events

Include quotes from event goers and photos to compliment the content and engage your blog audience. Short videos from events can also enhance a blog post and provide interesting context for readers. Videos don’t need to be elaborate or expensive. In some instances quick videos shot with a mobile phone will work just fine. You can also use your blog post to invite your audience to participate in future events.

5. Competitor Differentiation

Although no one likes an overt braggart, differentiating your product or service from the competition is an essential marketing strategy. A small business blog post is an opportunity for your small business to present the ways in which your business is different and does “it” better than the competition.

Highlight the features and benefits provided by your brand that are unique and provide value. Set your business apart by highlighting your strengths in a positive way.

WizMotions does a great job of warning their blog audience about the risks of doing business with freelancers versus professionals in their industry. Contrasting services and highlighting what makes your business better, without naming names or being overt will provide an appreciated education for your customers.

6. Industry News

What’s hot right now in the news? Pay attention to the latest buzz and generate attention grabbing blog posts. For example, the latest Pokemon Go craze has motivated many businesses to create blog posts relating to the interactive game. A few examples of how businesses, unrelated to computer games or gaming, have used the popularity of Pokemon Go to create engaging blog content include:

Another way to leverage industry news is to develop content that comments on businesses within your industry that have either flopped or branched into other areas. Editorials are perfectly acceptable content to include in business blog posts and gives your business a distinct voice.

7. Employee Profiles

Publishing small business blog post content that highlights employees is not only an opportunity for your audience to learn more about the amazing talent you employ, but it also serves as a morale booster for your team. A few ways to publish employee profiles as part of your small business blog are:

  • Post a profile of your employee of the month/quarter. Include achievements, a personal bio, and a quote from the employee.
  • Feature a different employee each week as an introduction to your tea
  • When an employee receives an accolade or award, create a blog post to highlight the accomplishment
  • Create a relatable, human component by featuring the families of your employees

You know who your team is, but your audience may not. Creating familiarity leads to trust and longer lasting client relationships.

8. Recap Blog Posts

When you hit a brick wall and find yourself staring at a blank screen with a flashing cursor, it may be time for a blog post recap. Determining which blog content has been the most popular with your audience and re-posting a select 4-5 blog posts together in one post allows your audience to revisit previously published content and catch up on any posts that they may have missed.

For example, if your business offers roofing services and you have previously posted blog posts on selecting the right style roof for your home, maintaining your roof, weatherizing your roof, and a roof maintenance checklist, this content can be repurposed into one concise blog post that links to the previous posts. Not only will the new blog post be packed with relevant information, it will also breathe life into previous posts.

9. Useful Resources

You know your target audience and what they need, so why not give it to them? When you create business blog post content that provides additional resources to your readers that will improve their business or otherwise make their lives easier, you are providing a value that will not be soon forgotten.

In our field of digital marketing, thousands of products and resources become available each month and it can be difficult for businesses to sort through them, so we frequently provide resource lists designed to weed out the best tools for our customers. For example, our post about writing high quality small business blog posts includes links to resources that help blog writers at every step in the process.

If you find that, even after these blog post content tips, your blogs are growing stale and uninspiring, here are a few resources to help you to establish a blogger mindset:


Having a useful and informative business blog for customers, sales prospects, business partners and vendors provides real value to your business. Over time a well maintained and growing blog will be viewed as a true business asset. Hopefully the content tips and examples in this post will help keep your blog topic ideas fresh and evolving.

And, as always, the team at Web Presence Solutions is available to help your small business create an effective marketing plan including a blog schedule. Blogging is an important piece of creating a strong digital presence and we are here to show you how. Get your Web Presence Assessment today.


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