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Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) has developed FUSION, a zero footprint, web-based reporting and data entry tool with an optional back-office calculation engine for producing process accounting data. The award-winning product, based on an AspenTech InfoPlus.21 or other database, was designed in 2000 for companies with locked down desktops and is ideal for regulated industries.

FUSION provides a single repository for all operational data. Its flexible and simple browser enables users to configure screens easily and efficiently, and to identify faults quickly. When integrated with an AspenTech InfoPlus.21 or other database, FUSION enables users to manage weekly, monthly and yearly (periodic) operating reports, process loss accounting, batch information etc. Users can interrogate the data in the reports and using the context linked FUSION toolbox, see how values are derived by drilling down through the calculation chain to the root of the data.

FUSION has been designed to work over web-based technologies. The core configuration is maintained on a server, and viewing/data entry is via web clients – this means there is only a single maintenance arena and low ownership cost.

Product Features

  • Calculation Engine
    – Developed using InfoPlus.21 SQL stored procedures
  • InfoPlus.21 or Other Database
    – Stores the source and calculated data
  • SQL Server
    – Stores the screen configuration
  • Intranet Website
    – Provides access to the reports via menu structure HTML
  • Intranet Application
    – Builds screens from SQL Server and retrieves the data using VB


  • Robust and proven system
  • Uses readily available and maintainable technology
  • Simple system
    – No duplication of data
    – Single repository for all operational data
    – Flexible easy to configure screens
  • Automated data collection and reports
    – More consistent data
    – Minimum data entry
  • Ease of Use
    – Browser interface is familiar to most engineers
    – The user-friendly client-side functions enables data to be entered easily and ‘obvious’ faults identified quickly
  • Ease of Development
    – With the bulk load tool a change can be specified in a file, then loaded into a test system for proving
    – Once proven the bulk load file can be sent to the live system
    –  Bulk load allows rapid duplication and reworking of a configuration item and the creation of templates
  • Ease of Deployment

ITS was awarded the Solution Innovation Award for its FUSION product at the AspenTech Global Sales Kickoff Meeting in Florida. AspenTech President and Chief Executive Officer made the presentation at the meeting, held in the opulent surroundings of the Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate, Orlando.



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