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The Cattenom Nuclear Power Plant in France. France produces around three quarters of its electricity by nuclear power.[1]

The Grafenrheinfeld Nuclear Power Plant in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s coalition announced on 30 May 2011, that Germany’s 14 nuclear power stations will be shut down by 2022, in a policy reversal following Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.[2]

Nuclear power plants operate in 31 countries. Most are in Europe, Northern America, East Asia and South Asia.

France has the largest share of electricity generated by nuclear power. China has the fastest growing nuclear power program with 28 new reactors under construction,[3] and a considerable number of new reactors are also being built in India, Russia and South Korea. At the same time, at least 100 older and smaller reactors will “most probably be closed over the next 10–15 years”.[4]

In 2010, before the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, it was reported that an average of about 10 nuclear reactors were expected to become operational per year, although according to the World Nuclear Association, of the 17 civilian reactors planned to become operational between 2007 and 2009, only five actually came on stream.[4] As of 2016, Italy closed all of its nuclear stations and Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland are phasing-out nuclear power while Netherlands, Sweden, and Taiwan have some same intentions. Lithuania and Kazakhstan shut down lone nuclear stations earlier but plan to built new ones instead. Armenia earlier shut down its lone nuclear plant but then started to utilize it again. Austria never started to utilize it s first nuclear plant that was completely built. Due to financial, politic and technical reasons, Cuba, Libya, North Korea, and Poland never completed the construction of their first nuclear plants (but the latter two plan the nuclear stations again) and Australia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ghana, Ireland, Kuwait, Oman, Peru, Singapore, and Venezuela never built their planned first nuclear plants.[5][6] Global nuclear electricity generation in 2012 was at its lowest level since 1999.[7][8]

As of 2011, countries such as Australia, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, and Portugal have no nuclear power stations and remain opposed to them.[5][9]

Canadian Bruce Nuclear Generating Station is the largest nuclear power plant now whereas Japanese Kashiwazaki-Kariwa was regarded as such earlier.

Nuclear power by Country in 2015[10]
CountryNumber of
operated reactors
Net-total (MWe)
electricity (GWh)
 %-share of
domestic generation
Argentina Argentina316326519.004.83%
Armenia Armenia13752576.0034.51%
Belgium Belgium7591324571.7037.53%
Brazil Brazil2188414809.162.76%
Bulgaria Bulgaria2192615379.0031.32%
Canada Canada191352498374.9716.60%
China China Mainland3528792170355.003.03%
Czech Republic Czech Republic6393025337.3232.53%
Finland Finland4275222323.0033.74%
France France5863130416800.0076.34%
Germany Germany81079986810.3214.09%
Hungary Hungary4188914955.7152.67%
India India21578034644.453.53%
Iran Iran19153547.001.27%
Japan Japan43402904346.490.52%
North Korea Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of30Unknown0.000.00%
South Korea Korea, Republic of2523073157196.0031.73%
Netherlands Netherlands14823861.633.67%
Mexico Mexico2144011176.546.79%
Pakistan Pakistan4[16]10304332.704.40%
Romania Romania2130010695.0017.33%
Russia Russia3525443195213.5818.59%
Slovakia Slovakia4181414083.6855.90%
Slovenia Slovenia16885371.6638.01%
South Africa South Africa2186010965.144.73%
Spain Spain7712154740.0020.34%
Sweden Sweden10965154347.0034.33%
Switzerland Switzerland5333322100.0033.48%
Taiwan Taiwan6505235143.0316.32%
Ukraine Ukraine151310782300.0056.49%
United Kingdom United Kingdom15891863894.5418.87%
United States United States9999185797178.0019.50%
World total479387,106 MWe2,798 TWh10.9%[17]


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