Maximum Number of Facebook Friends You Can Add Per Day or Hour by Japan Printing


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“You’re Adding Friends Too Quickly. Your Account Will Be Blocked” – Japan Printing Co

For many reasons including trust, rapport, history, and familiarity, my last post mentioned that 1 Facebook friend is worth about 22 Twitter followers. So now, if you set out to amass a large Facebook friend base, you’ll notice a little warning window threatening to block your Facebook account for adding friends too quickly.

So what’s the rule of thumb?

Well, starting with a new account, I rapidly added 300 new friends before Facebook threatened to ban my account. Since then, I’ve been adding about 20 friends every few hours. I don’t push my luck or go too far because there are warning signs. The suggested friends box normally has two suggestions as you can see to the left. Once you’ve friend requested about 20, it drops down to just one suggestion. That’s when I stop. More… japan printing

I’ve gone further before but after just one or two more friend requests, I get that infamous warning message of impending face-doom. But still, 20 new friend requests times 3 sessions a day gets you 60 new friends a day. At the end of the month, you should be up to 1,800. That’s worth almost 40,000 twitter followers. So can you get stealth autopilot software to collect friends and followers for you? 24hours a Day? Fortune 500 Companies do. They call it Facebook marketing automation software.


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