5 Essential Facebook Profile and Page Updates You Should Make ASAP


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You could make yourself crazy trying to keep up with the constant changes to Facebook, but lucky for you, we are here to make it easier5 Essential Facebook Profile and Page Updates You Should Make ASAP for you! Following are some important items to update within your Facebook personal profile and business page.

1. Update Your Email Address: Facebook recently decided to change email displays on personal profiles to show Facebook email addresses—eek. If you’re like me and don’t check your Facebook mail too often, it’s a good idea to go into your settings and change your email display.

From your personal profile, click on the Update Info button. Scroll down to Contact Info and click on Edit. Here you can add or change email addresses, and also decide whether you want information displayed to your friends, public, or kept private.

2. Add More Website Links: In the Contact Info area as mentioned above, there is a place to add your website link. What many users don’t realize is that you can add additional links in this field. Simply return to the next line and add additional links to your blog, another site you run, your other social media profiles, etc.

Note that you can also add links in the About section AND in the description in the Work and Education section. Always include the preceding http:// to make sure your link is active and can be clicked.

When you’re done updating your personal profile, hop on over to your business page and check out the description you have listed below your profile photo because you can include a link here as well! Click on the box and you will be taken to the screen where you can edit your description and add a link within the allotted space. While you’re there, make sure your profile details are up to date. You can also add links within the text boxes throughout your profile.

3. Add Business History: With Facebook timelines, you can add milestones to your business page, which also shows up at the bottom of the About information for your page. This is a useful way to list when your business started, books that you’ve published, awards you’ve won, etc. To add a milestone, simply go to the Status Update box and click on Event/Milestone, then choose Milestone. Have a little fun with this feature to infuse your page with some added character.

4. Reorder Information Boxes: On both your personal profile and your business page, there are boxes displayed below your timeline image that show how many friends you have, pages you have liked, photos, subscribers, and other related apps you may be using. You can change the order of how these display or remove some of them completely by hovering over the upper right corner of each box and choosing to swap its location or remove from your page.

5. Link Your Personal Profile to Your Business Page: On your personal profile, just under your photo, is the area that you indicate where you work. But if you work for yourself and you have a Facebook business page, it’s a good idea to add a link to your business page for easy viewing by your Facebook friends.

From your personal profile, click on the box below your photo that lists where you work. In the Work and Education section, click on Edit. Start typing in the name of your business page. Facebook should reveal a drop down menu where you can click to select your page. You can also fill in your title, location, and description. Be sure to click Save Changes.


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