Pharma High Containment Roller Compactors


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Models CCS 220, 520, 720, 1025

The Fitzpatrick Chilsonator is the ideal roller compaction system for dry granulation of pharmaceutical powders. Our pharmaceutical roll compactor provides optimized granulated material to improve downstream powder flow characteristics and subsequent maximized tableting efficiencies, achieved via a unique pre-compression feed system and precision real-time roll gap control. The roller compactor machine is fully contained, wash-in-place capable and scalable from lab to production.

Provides instantaneous, continuous compacting of fine powders into densified sticks or corrugated sheets that can be precision granulated to desired mesh size.

Improves product quality by controlling density and particle size, increasing processing efficiency by eliminating dust problems and caking, as well as reducing shipping, handling, packaging and storage costs.

Minimizes pharmaceutical roll compactor maintenance and production downtime: Fewer parts and easy access for teardown and cleaning allow faster changeovers and simplified parts inventory.

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User Benefits

cGMP Sealed separation between the process housing and the technical area. Cantilevered rolls/mill rotors and mechanical components are easy to disassemble and clean. Process areas are designed to minimize product retention.
Product containment. Various levels/options are available to meet the most stringent requirements without sacrificing usability, including advanced Product Containment Systems (PCS) and inert process environments.
Ease of use and cleanability. Few tools are required for pharmaceutical roller compactor assembly/disassembly. Feed systems can be removed as a sub-assembly, and compaction rolls are easily removable for cleaning or reconfiguration. Rolls separate for effective WIP (wash-in-place) system use with multiple spray ports optimally placed for total coverage of the product contact components (optional).
Flexible installation configurations. In-wall or freestanding; bin-to-bin or recycle configurations.
Scalability. Process fully transferable and reproducible from lab to production scale, with first time precision to reduce time on experimental trials.
Safety. Contained engineering design provides operator and product contamination safety, with a fully dust tight process environment.
Value. Our roller compactor machine meets the highest standards in the pharma industry while remaining cost-effective, and is supported worldwide by an experienced and responsive technical team.

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