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With InstantGMP™, you can see all your Master Batch Records anytime from anywhere.mpr1-2

Good Manufacturing Practices require that you have a Master Batch Record or Master Manufacturing Formula for each unique formulation and each unique batch size. This ensures that all proper ingredients are added, that each process step is completed according to an established procedure and that essential points in the process are controlled.

InstantGMP™ provides electronic master batch record workflows that enforce collections of information and data that contain all the information required by GMPs:

  • A complete list of components to be used
  • An accurate statement of the weight or measure of each component to be used
  • The identity and weight or measure of each dietary ingredient/pharmaceutical/e-liquid
  • A statement of theoretical yield at each step of the manufacturing process where control is needed to ensure the quality of the dietary supplement/pharmaceutical/e-liquid is completed
  • The expected yield when you finished manufacturing the dietary supplement/pharmaceutical/e-liquid
  • Written instructions, including specifications for each point, step, or stage in the manufacturing process where control is necessary to ensure the quality of the dietary supplement/pharmaceutical/e-liquid
  • Procedures for sampling
  • Written instructions for manual operations, for example, one person to add and another person to verify the addition of the components and materials
  • MPRs can be hidden, printed, edited, viewed, and searched
  • Approvers are assigned the responsibility of approving or rejecting an MPR. They must sign in order for it to be issued and for the ability to create Batch Records
  • After one approver has signed, the MPR is locked
  • An MPR can be unlocked to make edits. The first approver must sign the MPR again to approve
  • Each MPR can have multiple versions
  • Attachments are read only once uploaded

Master Production Records With Version Control:

  • A new version of an MPR can be created
  • A copy can be generated, but one or more of the fields project title, product name, client, author, formulation ID or Theoretical Batch yield must be edited to ensure that a copy is needed and not a version
  • MPRs have the ability to scale up or down a recipe the “Actions” for inventory steps will auto-populate with new material amounts
  • These records cannot be deleted but can be hidden (sorting for hidden items allows access to these records and the ability to “unhide”)

One-Click Copy:

  • Select multiple materials and/or manufacturing instruction steps to transfer to a new MPR
  • Materials and manufacturing instruction steps appear as a centralized list

The following MPR examples are available as PDF downloads.

View Master Production Record Examples:

InstantGMP™ MES Master Production Record Example

InstantGMP™ PRO Master Production Record Example

InstantGMP™ Vape Master Production Record Example

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