Operations Director Resume (CV) Example


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The resume example is for an Operations Director and usable for a Vice President of Operations, Company President, CEO, Operations Manager or Project Manager.

The resume uses a job title heading with subheadings that focus on the core areas of strength, which are strategic marketing, business development and corporate branding. The writer uses an executive style summary paragraph to emphasize a track record of successful marketing, positive ROI and ability to negotiate with large companies.

The summary area includes an Expertise Showcase that provides an easy to read outline of the job seekers core areas of strength such as Team Building and Revenue Growth.

The experience section provides a listing of the job title with a paragraph format that is used to document they key areas of responsibility. Bullet points represent achievements with quantifiable results. It is important to note how these statements use percentage gains and the $185 million in revenue growth as factual numbers that fortify these accomplishments.

The education section is documented below with standard information about the job seeker’s college degrees.

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Operations Director Resume Example

Operations Director Resume Example

Operations Director Resume Statements

  • Direct all aspects of production operations with full oversight for 150 employees in the operations department.
  • Analyze operations and production components to ensure optimization.
  • Collaborate with financial teams and accountants to study operational expenses, revenues and cash flow.
  • Meet with executive management and board members to conduct presentations on operational strategies and enhancement projects.
  • Ensure compliance with all government authorities including OSHA safety standards, fire codes and plant EPA guidelines.
  • Develop strategies to enhance operational workflow and enhance delivery of products by modifying logistics.
  • Streamline policies and procedures to cut down on waste, reduce expenses and improve operational production.
  • Handle escalated problems and develop quick resolution to ensure on time production.
  • Recruit, hire and train employees including performance appraisals, recommended promotions and recognition.

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