Manufacturing Operations Resume (CV) Example


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Below we have a resume for a professional with experience in Manufacturing Operations. This is a good resource for management professionals in an industrial setting.

This job seeker was underselling his expertise in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries. His resume writer emphasized this experience by calling them out at the very beginning of the resume.

In addition, the writer has highlighted the details and accomplishments of his professional experience over the last 10 years.

The writer incorporated an early career section to protect him from ageism issues that might impede his ability to open doors with new companies. Using special resume treatments Miguel’s writer reduced his resume from 4 pages to 2.

Now we have a high impact document that is an easy read and gives a much more professional presentation of the client’s career background. The resume also positions him as the executive that he has become. This resume is a prime example of how important it is to have an objective party write your resume. It is impossible to be objective about ones self.

Manufacturing Operations Resume Example

Manufacturing Operations Resume Example – Before and After

 Manufacturing Manager Resume – Before / After – Download PDF

Manufacturing Operations Resume Statements

  • Expert in the design and deployment of profitable manufacturing strategies.
  • Outstanding leadership, capable of building, training and mentoring strong teams that consistently produce positive results.
  • Well versed in all aspects of lean manufacturing including training and certification in six sigma and lean strategies.
  • Reputation for taking over projects, refining processes and turning around progress to achieve success.
  • Developed state of the art production plant that increased productivity.
  • Responsible for meeting production rates and financial targets while staying within constraints of departmental budgets.
  • Strong understanding of industrial engineering and regulatory compliance.
  • Versatile professional that can envision engineering modifications and institute process and procedural improvements to increase performance.
  • Collaborate with clients to determine needs and design production processes that meet requirements.
  • Advanced presentation skills, adept of representing the company at events, conferences and high level meetings.
  • Created and implemented organizational plan to incorporate a flexible work environment.
  • Proficient knowledge of Environment, Health and Safety protocols.


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