Latvia: 10 tons of expired confectionery found in warehouse tied to large chain stores


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  • BNS/TBT Staff

RIGA – The Food and Veterinary Service has discovered a large quantity of relabeled food products in a warehouse of the Triom company in Jelgava — nearly 10 tons of various pastries and confectionery past their expiration dates.

The Food and Veterinary Service ascertained that Triom was providing goods to a wide range of retailers, such as the largest chain stores in Latvia — Rimi, Maxima, Mego, and Elvi.

While searching the warehouse, the Food and Veterinary Service inspectors uncovered numerous paint strippers, solvents, and other means for removing original labels, in addition to 26 different seals used for relabeling.

Employees at the warehouse also repackaged products past their expiration date — the original packaging was emptied and the products were repacked in new, bigger containers with new labels.

The Food and Veterinary Service has stated that the new labels were almost indistinguishable from the original ones. The service has begun recalling these products from retail outlets across Latvia.

The Food and Veterinary Service co-operated with the Criminal Police’s Economic Crime unit to investigate the case. Operations of Triom have been stopped, and investigation of the case is ongoing.

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