What European countries look like to one creative cartoonist [23 pictures]


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In the same way that all of us have looked into the sky and tried to see images in the shapes of clouds, German cartoonist and filmmaker Zackabier took some time and imagined what the border shape of each country in Europe looks like. He made a funny, little video showing all his ideas and talking about them.

Here are some of his images, starting with the more straightforward and ending with the more outlandish…

Bulgaria, Kitten

Latvia, Baby Eagle

Belarus, Duck

Azerbaijan, Bird of Paradise

Armenia, Angel Shark

Ukraine, Mule

Slovenia, Chicken

Finland, Whale

Austria, Slug

Croatia, Dragon

France, Owl

Belgium, Praying Man

Cyprus, Mouse

Georgia, Platypus

Poland, Baboon

Montenegro, Dinosaur

Andorra, Demon’s Head

Spain, Thumbs Up

Greece, Old Man with a Pointy Hat

Kazakhstan, Man with a Funny Hat Giving Thumbs Up to Europe

Lithuania, Rockabilly Singer

Monaco, Surreal Elephant

Denmark, A Fish Eating the Slime Off of a Filthy, Fat Batman Who Is Talking to an Old Ghost



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