Comparison Of EU Electricity Prices


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By Paul Homewood


Seeing as how energy prices are a hot topic at the moment, I thought I would take a look at how the UK’s electricity prices compare with other EU states.


The data below is from the official EU Energy Portal, and are based on May 2013 prices for domestic users.





In the graph below, I have put all the newer accession, mainly East European, states to the left side. It is apparent, when doing this, that their prices are consistently lower. (Cyprus and Malta are much higher, for obvious reasons.) Presumably a factor in this is that they still use much of old fossil fuel power plants left over from Soviet days.





In the next graph, I have left out the accession states, in order to give a clearer comparison between the UK and the others. France, with its high proportion of (subsidised?) nuclear, comes out lowest, while the UK is 5th cheapest, out of 15. The average price for the 15 states works out at 0.20 Euro / KWh, which is 17% higher than in the UK.




It is no surprise that the two countries, that have gone furthest with renewables, are also the ones with by far the highest prices – Denmark and Germany.


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