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I spent 12 months going on over 50 interviews at places like Google, Microsoft, Uber, Twitter, and more. These are the exact formulas I used to land interviews and offers at these companies, in some cases, without any connections. This resulted in landing the job of my dreams along with a $70,000 bump in salary. Now I ‘m going to teach you how to do the same!

The Worst Feeling

Looking for a new job? Maybe even the job? Raise your hand if this has happened to you…

After weeks of searching you finally found it. The one. The day-to-day is perfect, the salary is a big step up, the hours are flexible, and the benefits are amazing (not to mention it’s less than 10 minutes from your place!). You head over to LinkedIn looking for connections and….they are all 3rd degree with your mutual being that weird kid from high school you haven’t spoken to in 8 years. Ugh…

We’ve all been there – the feeling of defeat washing over you before you’ve even had the chance to get started. So what do you do next? What anyone else the 21st century would do – Google it!

  • “Go to large meetups and network with as many people as you can!”
  • “Join professional organizations with like minded people in your field!”
  • “Just email people and ask!”

These are all suggestions that popped up when I searched for “how to get a job” (man, most career advice on the internet is really bad).

You know where you won’t find top performers looking to hire the best talent for Google, Facebook, or Apple? At networking events and meetups. They just don’t have time for that, and neither do you. Most of the people at these events are not very influential within their industrial niches and therefore aren’t going to do much for our cause.

How To Get A Job Anywhere With No Connections - Networking Event

Which one of you is Tim Cook?

What about emailing and asking? Well, how would you feel if some stranger emailed you and just asked for a job? You’d probably laugh them all the way to your spam folder.

You probably also noticed that I didn’t mention submitting your resume online into what I affectionately called the “Black Hole of Doom” (where resumes go to die). That sounds harsh, I know, but how many people do you know submitting 20 applications online hear back? It’s simply not a good use of your time.

So how do you get your foot in the door?

In this article I’m going to show you the exact process you can use to get a job interview at your dream company even if you don’t know a SINGLE person there.

How do I know it works? Because these are the exact steps I used to get job interviews and offers at companies like Google, Uber, Microsoft, Twitter, and more.

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Referrals Are The Most Effective Way To Get Hired

If looking for mutual connections was your first thought when looking for career opportunities, then you’re on the right track. Referrals are easily the most effective way to secure a job interview and land the offer:

  • 40% of hires come from referrals, the next largest channel is via career sites at 21% (almost half as many!)
  • Referrals get hired in an average of 3 weeks while other applicants take up to 7 weeks
  • Referrals get paid more on average than cold applicants

How To Get A Job Anywhere With No Connections - Jobvite Referrals Infographic

40% of hires come from referrals (courtesy of

Ok, all of those things sound great to me, so how do we make it happen? You said you don’t know anyone at this company right? Not to worry, I’ve got you covered.

Want To Land A Job Referral In The Next 14 Days?

My free Job Referral Toolkit covers all of the tools and steps you need to make connections and land a referral at your dream company.

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